Be Sugar Smart October 2017

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10 Oct 2017

Be Sugar Smart, this October

Health partners across Salford are working together to tackle sugar and to help Salford become a ‘Sugar Smart City’.

Building on the success of removing all sugary drinks from vending machines in Salford Community Leisure centres, we want to encourage as many people to take the Salford Sugar Smart challenge!

Salford Food and Drink Fortnight will run between Friday 13 October to Thursday 26 October and during this time we want you to pledge to ‘Go sugar smart’.

This means committing to swap sugary drinks with water or sugar- free alternatives and replace sugary snacks which contain refined (processed) sugar with healthier alternatives for 7 days!

Sugar is present in almost all foods we consume and used to sweeten foods such as bread, cereals and sauces, so you may want to try and cut down on these too, or look for healthier alternatives. Excessive consumption can result in weight gain and long-term conditions.

We don’t want you to give up sugar entirely, as some foods such as vegetables, nuts and fruit contain natural sugars (known as glucose and fructose) which are better for our bodies.

Tell us how well you are doing by sharing pictures of yourself ‘switching and ditching’ the sugar on twitter using our #sugarsmartsalford hashtag.

Five Practical tips:
1) Try a sweetener in your coffee instead of sugar
2) Replace sugary drinks for zero or sugar free alternatives
3) Snack on fruit to ward off those sweet cravings
4) Make fresh meals instead of buying processed food
5) Add fruit to plain (low sugar) cereal and yoghurt

Here are some helpful links for understanding food labels and sugar