Child Sexual Exploitation

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13 Jul 2017 It's Not OK

Every year there is a CSE week of action. This is to try and raise awareness of child sexual exploitation in Salford and also how this might link to young people going missing.

It’s not okay for someone to make or manipulate you into doing sexual things for the benefit or enjoyment of others.

It is a form of sexual abuse and it is against the law.

For example, someone may try and get you to do sexual things by:

  • offering you money
  • hurting or threatening to hurt you
  • humiliating or threatening to humiliate you
  • buying you presents
  • taking you out to places
  • giving you a place to stay
  • telling you that they love you

It’s not always easy to know when you are being sexually exploited, especially if it is your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend that is exploiting you. Learn how to spot the signs.

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Albion Academy video about child exploitation #itsnotokay