LGBT group experience

My First Time

"I first came to the LGBT group when I was 15, at the time I was quite nervous.

I had noone that I could talk to about how I felt and couldn’t be myself around my friends. I felt welcome by the staff at the Beacon Centre and have been coming ever since and I’m now 21, and still everytime I’m here I feel welcome, safe and feel that I can talk to anyone if I need to.

We do activities  around LBGT and every year we are involved in the Manchester pride parade which we enter a float.  We do this with other LGBT members/groups - this gives us a chance to meet new people and work on how we interact with new people.  I feel that one of the best things I have gained from being part of the group, other than friends, is the confidence I now have.

When I first started I wouldnt really talk to anyone now I will chat to anyone and everyone, also singing is a passion of mine and the help I have receieved on building my confidence has helped me to start to pursue this passion.

Basically if you are reading this and feel that this relates to you in any kind of way or if you are unsure of things or just need to talk to someone, even to make new friends because you can never have too many, feel free to come down we are open every Thursday, everyone is welcome and we are friendly here so what's stopping you?..."

"Hi everyone,

The first time I came to LGBT youth club I was 16 years old and I only came out  like 4 months before and I was really scared to come to the youth club.

I was thinking people wouldn’t like me and they wouldn’t be nice to me. I  just was thinking that because I had always met people that never liked me for who I was before. The first time I came the group were doing things for Manchester pride and I really enjoyed it, it was fun and everyone was so friendly.

If I had any problems I went to the workers and they helped me with what I needed. I became homeless and I was living all over and didn’t have anything but when I started coming to the group I got a lot of help. The youth workers helped me so much, they went with me to housing, they always made me feel good, they are best youth workers ever! 2 years later and I nearly have my own place, I work for Salford City Council doing an apprenticeship and I’m starting excepting my life more than I used to. I think if I didn’t come to this youth club I wouldn’t be myself and have the friends I do, my life now is just starting! Thanks LGBT YOUTH CLUB."