MYP And Young Mayor Elections 2017

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08 Feb 2017

Member of Youth Parliament and Young Mayor Elections 2017

Election results

The Member of Youth Parliament (M.Y.P.) represents Salford Youth Council and young people from across Salford in both regional and national arenas.

Regional events: By-monthly basis organised by Youthforia.

Youthforia is a regional youth forum made up of young people from across the North West and aims to give young people a voice at a regional level.

National events: UK Youth Parliament, the Annual Sitting and the Houses of Parliament.

The Annual Sitting takes place in July. MYPs are asked to consult the council and forums before they attend this meeting to be able to amend and change the UKYP manifesto. After the manifesto has been voted on, there is a national consultation that every 11-18 year old in the UK can take part in. This then informs the House of Commons debate in November.

At the House of Commons event, MYPs argue for the top 5 priorities that young people have chosen across the UK. The first priority is the highlighted campaign for the next 12 months for UKYP.

The Young Mayor does a similar role, but is focused on working locally in Salford as opposed to regional and national.


So we now have our 2017 elected young people:

MYP - Joshua Baxter -

"Well no words could ever possibly describe how happy I was the minute I was told I was completely over the moon with myself. When I got home it was still surreal like am I wake am I not is this all a dream I was just so happy winning this year after coming third last time.

But I believe some people need thanking so first I want to thank everyone that voted for me I'm amazed by the support. Secondly I want to thank the youth workers and Councillors that supported the candidates. Also I'd like to thank all schools that ran the election. Lastly I want to say the biggest thank you and well done to all members who ran for roles these last few weeks. No matter of the results we still are and always will be a team trying to make Salford a better place for the youths."


Hello, I’m Joshua Baxter. I’m 14 years old and attend Harrop Fold High School. This year I am running to be elected for the Member of Youth Parliament role. In the previous year’s election I came third with 735 votes, however this year I aspire to get 1,000 votes. This year I want your vote to work on 2 main campaigns.

1. Body image
ody image is important to me as I feel there is a negative effect on men as well as women and this relates to mental health and bullying; we must challenge this. I want to create strategies to improve confidence, and make people feel better about

2. Raising awareness of sexual harassment
I think raising awareness of sexual harassment is important. Low level sexual harassment is being over looked and needs to be noticed for the good of both men and women. I want to develop a training package, so teachers are better equipped to deal with this issue in schools.

During my term I intend on following up my campaigns, to check how effective they are, and how I can continue to improve young people’s lives in Salford.

Like my Facebook page: Vote Josh Baxter for Member of Youth Parliament #i’mbackingbaxter


Deputy MYP - Charlotte Godfrey




Hi, I’m Charlotte I’m 15 and I am in my final year at Saint Patrick’s RC. Last year I was elected into the role of Deputy Member of Youth Parliament and I must admit I didn’t have a clue about what to do in my role (at first) and so, this past year has been a massive learning experience. In my term I had the pleasure of working with a group from Salford Youth Council on developing a workshop surrounding hate crime and during this I have learnt a great deal about LGBTQ issues, racism and discrimination. I think that above all else I should be elected as MYP for 2017 because I have had this last year to experience what being MYP means and I am confident that if I was to be elected as MYP I would stick to my priorities and dedicate myself to the role.

If I was to be elected I have a three part “to do list” --

Developing a Children’s Council
Generally when Salford hears the voice of young people, it hears the voice of 11 – 18 year olds. My main goal for 2017 is to develop a Salford based Children’s council where children of a primary school age can get their voices heard just as young people do.

Feminism is always relevant. Social media has had a part in turning feminism into some kind of horrible word which is ridiculous; feminism’s literal definition is “The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes” Therefore it will always be one of my priorities.

Curriculum For Life
In the recent Make Your Mark ballot, Curriculum for life came first nationally and in Salford so this issue is very close to home. I am particularly excited about this campaign because I think it could make a huge difference to life in Salford and prepare our young people for life.


Young Mayor - Wiktoria Matuszewska -

"I am extremely overwhelmed with the support I had from the young people of Salford, I can not thank those who had voted for me enough for helping me get elected. I had an amazing year being the Member of Youth Parliament for Salford and I can not wait to have an amazing year being the Young Mayor of Salford. Similarly with election of MYP, DMYP and DYM I could not ask for better people to work with and I can not wait to start working on my projects. Everyone that stood were very strong candidates and we should all be proud of each other. Once again thank you all!" 

Hello! My name is Wiktoria and I am currently a student at Loreto College. For the past year, I have been Salford’s Member of Youth Parliament where I got to represent all of you on a national scale.

Being a member of youth parliament has taught me a lot about myself and about our youth of Salford. I have been a part of handful of projects with our hate crime campaign Don’t Hate Educate, the NHS Youth Forum and many more. I have helped run events, I have helped make decisions revolving around your life. I have represented each and every one of you in the House of Commons where I spoke out about the NHS.

This past year has been very interesting, I have grown a bond with the community that I am not ready to let go. So here I am running for the position of Young Mayor. Despite a lot of work already being done, I believe that more is possible of us and of the council.

A position of a young mayor in a community is extremely important, that is because a young mayor has the connection with the young people that any city leaders or the city mayor could never possibly have. As a young mayor I think it’s extremely important to have a ready set plan for the young people that I’ll be working with so here is what I will be working on.

I will encourage the top Make Your Mark Survey issue Curriculum for Life, a programme to help you learn the most important life skills like CV Building and paying taxes, and the national UK wide Youth Parliament campaign Votes at 16, an attempt to get votes for 16-17 year olds, through working with the Youth Council.

I will host an event called Salford Young Mayor’s Charity ball where all money collected will be donated to an animal rescue centre in Salford because arms, legs or paws we all need a little bit of help. This event will be open to everyone.

I will spend a lot of time working against Youth Poverty in all aspects, I want to assess the number of foodbanks in Salford and visit each one, talk to the people that run them and see how they’re coping with more people in need. I would like to see there being a foodbank in every town in Salford and I would like to introduce more free breakfast clubs in churches and support the ones already imposed. I would like to see chains of supermarket’s donating their close to sell by date food to food banks and have boxes where people can donate their food During my time as Young Mayor I would be extremely involved in the community, going to community events and helping people out. I would support all youth campaigns and make sure that the youth of Salford is not forgotten.

I have been on the Youth Council for over 2 years now, being a member of this council means that I get to work with the city leaders and the current Young Mayor Lewis Nelson. I have been working very closely with Lewis this past year and my experience as an MYP means that I know exactly what is needed of the role, and I know exactly what I’m going to do and I vow to make my promises happen.

Thank you extremely for listening to me and remember a vote for Wiktoria means a vote for a better Salford, a Salford where the Youth is my priority.

A vote for Wiktoria is a vote for a better Salford, a Salford where the youth is a priority.


Deputy Young Mayor - Kayleigh Peacock -

"The moment I found out I was so overjoyed. When I woke up this morning it still hadn't sunk in. I'm so overwhelmed with the support from young people in Salford. I am so honoured to be the Deputy Young Mayor to such an amazing city. I can't wait to start on my projects this year and I really hope that it's not just the youth council that get involved with them. A massive well done as well to Josh Baxter, Wiktoria Matuszewska and Charlie Godfrey on also being elected. I'm so proud to be working such an amazing group of people in and out of the council.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me I promise I won’t let you down"

Who am I?
I’m Kayleigh Peacock. A 15 year old student at Moorside High School, in my last year and hope to go onto Future Skills College to do a make-up course. I’m a good listener and good at problem solving. I work well in a team and also work on my own initiate. I’m always reliable, punctual and very committed to any roles given to me. I’m very confident, good at public speaking and can talk to people in a variety of different settings. I am well organised and well prepared for any issue placed in front of me. I feel it’s important to evaluate things I do to make improvements on an ongoing basis.

What have I done?
I am a member of the youth council and have been a part of that for six months. I’ve been a part of the Height Youth Forum currently based at Deans Centre for the past three years. Where within my role, myself and others have planned and ran several youth day events within our community. I’ve helped develop a young women’s group at the Deans’ centre. I’m a volunteer football coach for ages 3-6 at Swinton Football Club where we have many children with different level of abilities and learning abilities, such as children on the autistic spectrum. Within school I am a Prefect and run a homework help club within school hours and after school to help younger years with their homework; that they may be struggling with, to help take some pressure off them and our teachers.

What can I offer? What can I bring to the role?
As young mayor I guarantee to get in involved with young people. I will ensure all young people have a voice that is listened to in their communities. I promise that you will see me more than just at formal events, I will come into schools and make sure your voices are heard by having regular meetings with your school councils. I will be a role model to all young people. I will make a huge effort to make sure you always feel safe and I hope you will come and talk to myself about any issues you’re facing. I will strive to make our streets safer, to help our communities work better together. As well as this, I aim to get more after school activities going to get young people out and socialising instead of staring at a computer screen, phone screens or being bored on the streets. I am hoping that I will be able to set up Halloween and Christmas events at the town hall to get families involved.

What I aim to do:
If I am elected young mayor, I would like to focus on the five following issues within the year.

  • Raise awareness of mental health, improve support from schools and challenge stereotypes towards mental health.
  • Tackle issues around Discrimination. Including LGBTQ+ , Racism and many others
  • Help young people living on the streets