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23 Sep 2016

Residential to Wales

We went away to Salford Children’s Holiday Camp in Prestatyn for a two night break. We took nine young parents and eight children aged between seven months and five years old.

While we were there we went swimming, to a soft play and to an aquarium. It was some of the babys’ first trip to the seaside and the first time they had been swimming!

"It was Jayden and Scarlett’s first time swimming" – both babies aged 11 months.

We saw a sea lion show at the aquarium which was excellent.

"I know it sounds cheesy but it’s one of the best weekends I’ve ever had."

We also went to the Cheshire ice cream factory on the way back and everyone got to try some lovely ice cream!

"You are surrounded by parents like you. Staff will always help you. You can just be yourself , no one judges you. If you’re struggling people will help you"

Salford children’s holiday camp was an excellent place to stay as it’s right by the sea and the staff were amazing . All the meals were provided and the food was great. The sun shone all weekend which was a real bonus!

"Best weekend I’ve had in a long time – really enjoyed myself and I’m sure my son did too."

The young parents attended 3 planning meetings prior to the residential so were involved in the planning of activities and deciding on groundrules and what they wanted to gain from the weekend. The group of young people were fantastic – taking part in everything, supporting each other and looking out for each other at every point of the weekend.

Wales residential

Funding for the activities came from Community committee and SIPH funded the transport.




"I will definitely come back to the holiday camp"

"Great opportunity and we did something completely different"

"The kids have made friends. The babies haven’t cried and they have slept much better"

Wales Residential


"I didn’t want to come at first as I’m on my own but now I know I can do things on my own with the baby"

"Over all it’s been a very good experience and the kids have loved it as much as much as myself. It’s been good to get out of Salford for a bit and clear my mind and give Jayden his first holiday"



"Really good holiday , the people here are great , made us feel right at home. The kids have not been bored once while here and the staff have made the experience even better organising everything around our needs giving us the peace of mind to enjoy the camp"

Wales residential