Have you ever made a meal yourself? More than just beans on toast? Cooking is an important skill to learn, as one day you will have to do it yourself, not having people to cook for you.

There are some really basic meals that are so easy to prepare and healthy too.

Check out a list of ideas for one week :

Monday: Chilli Con Carne
Basic ingredients - Mince, onion, chopped tomatoes, chilli powder

Tuesday: Fritatta
Basic ingredients - Eggs, choice of fillings - asparagus/corgette/peppers/sweetcorn

Wednesday: Chicken fajitas
Basic ingredients - Chicken, peppers, onions, totilla wraps, spice mix

Thursday: Veggie Pizzas
Basic ingredients - Flatbreads, tomato puree, cheese (see the link for more options)

Friday: Jacket potato with tuna and salad
Basic ingredients - Jacket potato, tuna, lettuce, cucumber (any other salad you might like)

Saturday: Spaghetti bolognese
Basic ingredients - Mince, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, spaghetti

Sunday: Fish pie
Basic ingredients - Fish, potatoes, plain flour, cheese, sweetcorn, milk

To get some more ideas for meals have a look for inspiration below: