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If you're in care in Salford or a care leaver in Salford, these "In Care and Informed" pages are for you! There's plenty to read and lots of ways to get involved and make the best out of being in care - simply click on the links below.

We've tried to provide as much useful information as possible.  These web pages are a good way to find out about the support and activities available, so you do not feel isolated and alone whilst you're in care.

There are approximately 600 children in care in Salford at any one time and most of you will be unaware of others even in your own schools or colleges that are going through the same things you are.

These pages were designed with you in mind and were put together with help from the Fight for Change Council.  The council is the voice of children in care in Salford, so why not get involved?

Read more about Next Step here

Also, check out the wider wuu2 website to find out what's going on for young people in Salford.

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