What's on in Salford

Living in and around Salford means you will never be bored again... There are so many exciting things to do!

Always make sure you have permission from your carer that you can attend any of the fantastic events in Salford.

Wuu2 has information on all sorts of activities and classes in Salford from tap dancing to theatre productions. Go to the events page for more activities.

You are Salford and proud! Why not show your support for your local Rugby League team, or if you're more into football check out Salford's local football team, Salford City FC.

Red Devils

Salford is always buzzing with different events... make sure you are a part of it and get involved. Have a look at Visit Salford to see what's available.

In Salford, there are lots of gyms, swimming pools, libraries and museums right under your nose! Check out what they have going at Salford Community Leisure.

If you just fancy meeting new people your age, check out Salford youth centres.

Beacon Centre

Did you know that all young people known to Next Step between the ages of 16 and 21 are eligible for a free Salford Fit City gym & swim pass?  Please ask your Pathway Worker or Aftercare Worker for more details.

Interested in running?  Please see the following links for local weekly runs in Salford

(Please note: These activities are open to anyone and are not linked to Next Step) 

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