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Sugar Smart Salford

Do something good for yourself!

01 Feb 2018
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Why Register to Vote?

Voting! Why? How? Can I vote? Should I vote?

11 Jan 2018
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Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation

03 Jan 2018
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Wuu2 on social media

Wuu2's social media channels

02 Jan 2018
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LGBT Youth Group - Beacon Centre, Bridgewater Youth Centre and Eccles Youth Centre

An introduction to the LGBT group in Salford

15 Nov 2017
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Thinking of getting a job??

Child employment information

24 Oct 2017
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Bridgewater Youth Centre Girls Group Residential

Bridgewater Girls Group residential

11 Oct 2017
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Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017

Hate Crime Awareness Week starts Saturday 14th October

10 Oct 2017
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Be Sugar Smart

10 Oct 2017
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LGBT Make Music

The LGBT group in Salford run by Salford Youth Service worked with The Tandem Theatre to produce the tracks.

04 Oct 2017