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19 Nov 2018

What exactly is Alcohol?

Alcohol, which is a psychoactive drug, is produced from the fermentation of naturally occurring sugars which are often found in fruit. 

How does alcohol make you feel?

The effects of alcohol usually vary from person to person, however common effects include; feeling confident, happy, disorientated and relaxed. The confident feeling dubbed 'dutch courage' from its use in the army, is down to the lowered inhibitions that come with alcohol intoxication. The good part being that it often makes people more talkative and funnier, the bad part being that people can say things which they normally wouldn't that could offend and upset people. The confident feeling is what also causes most drunk accidents, people feeling as though they are fit to drive a car even though they can barley walk anymore and why jumping off things seems like such a good idea after you've had a few. Alcohol can also make people aggressive and violent which can lead to fights and does cause deaths and injuries. The disorientation alcohol gives can also make people lose their balance fall over which is especially dangerous when crossing the road or going down stairs. 

What are the risks involved with consuming alcohol?

Although alcohol is toxic to almost every organ in the body, especially the liver and kidneys, it usually takes quite a lot for the toxicity alone to kill someone, however In 2016 there were 7,327 alcohol-specific deaths in the UK. The main dangers from alcohol are due to the altered perception it gives users, which can lead to accidents. Alcohol can also damage the brain by reducing the level of vitamins within grey matter. This is especially dangerous for developing brains, which is why it is Illegal for people under the age of 18 to purchase alcohol. 

If alcohol is dangerous then why do people use it so often?

Because people have used it for thousands of years in recreational and ritualistic backgrounds. older civilizations documented how it helped them to bond and have fun after hunting and working. Alcohol was also used for pain relief and as a stimulant before modem day medicine. 

How can you tell if someone is under the influence of alcohol and how should you engage with them?

People who are drunk, are normally loud and stagger around with an obvious lack of balance. It is often best to ignore them unless they need help, In which case you should dial 999.

What is a hangover?

A hangover is the after affects of consuming alcohol, however most people usually don't feel much of a hangover the first few times they drink. The stronger the type of alcohol and the more that is consumed, the worse it will be. For example people usually feel just fine the day after having a few beers, but the majority of people feel like death the day after drinking strong spirits like whisky and vodka. Alcohol causes dehydration which is the reason for the throbbing headaches that people usually talk about however, It does a lot more to your body and mind. people can feel very anxious and depressed for the next few days after consuming larger amounts of alcohol. You can also feel nauseous and generally unwell. However, people usually feel better quickly. If yourself or someone you know is continuously throwing up for hours on end. It is best to get them to hospital or call an ambulance. The bad effects of hangovers, can be lessened by having a cut off point where you stop drinking and by drinking water, usually a glass of water per two alcoholic drinks. Eating before and after you drink can also help. 

Should I try alcohol?

as long you are 18, If it is something that interests you and you don't have any immediate health issues then why not? alcohol is best when intake is kept as low as possible and when you are around your friends. when used responsibly alcohol can be fun, but things can spiral out of control quickly, so it is always best to keep consumption down to a minimum and to look out for your friends.  

For more information about alcohol

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