Baking at the Beacon

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25 Apr 2017

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Youth workers brought young people they have been working with to a session at the Beacon Centre to do something a bit different than their normal session.

Today it was baking day :) and what better thing to bake than cakes.

The young people had a choice of what they wanted to bake and chose to do cupcakes and chocolate cornflake cakes.

The young people worked well together, giving each other tasks to do and making sure everyone was involved. Some of the young people hadn't baked before so it was a new challenge, but with the help of the other young people and Donna and Denee, the youth workers they made some really tasty cakes (which they then offered to the workers in the Beacon and the verdict was they were ace)

For more information about the session contact Donna or Denee on 0161 778 0700.

Check out the photos from the session below. 

Young people Baking at the Beacon centre  Young people baking at the beacon centre

young people baking at the beacon centre