13 Apr 2017 Gov.uk

If you’re going to be 18 make sure you apply to register to vote in the local election otherwise you can't vote, which means you can't have your say!

Reasons not to vote:

I’m not interested in politics

Politics isn’t all MPs and the houses of parliament – politics is about the minimum wage, about libraries and culture, about how often your bin is emptied, about how good our schools are. Every aspect of our lives is affected by politics – so by voting you can have your say on the issues that matter to you.

Politicians don’t care about people like me

If you don’t vote, politicians won’t hear your voice. They can’t represent people they don’t know about. For example – just 44% of young people (18-24) voted in the 2010 election, compared to 76% of those over 65. Who would you write policies for?

It won’t make any difference

Did you know that more people didn’t vote at all, than voted for the winning party? There’s a huge number of people out there who can make a real difference.

*stats from www.bitetheballot.co.uk