High Ropes at the Deans Centre

02 Mar 2017

Young people on the high ropes course at Deans Youth CentreYoung people watch on as other young people take on the challenge

Young people from the Beacon youth centre went down to The Deans Centre during half term to try out some of the outdoor activities that are down there. Luckily the sun has been shining all this week, a great week to have a week off school!!

 Young people having their safety talk about the high ropes

The group were looking forward to trying the high ropes course as most of them hadn't been on them before - it can be quite daunting when you first arrive at The Deans Centre as the high ropes looks exactly that - high.......but once you get your harness and helmet on there is no looking back.

Young men kitted out for the high ropes course

Stuart was on hand to guide the young people, giving them a safety chat beforehand and letting them know what to do and how to work together and Chris, their youth worker also went along with Catherine - keen to see the young people master the course. 

 Young people using the ropes to climb on the crates  Two young men on the ropes at Deans

Young man ready to climb   Young people taking part in the crate challenge at Deans

  Young people on the crate challenge