MYP and Young Mayor Elections 2020

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03 Feb 2020

The Member of Youth Parliament (M.Y.P.) represents Salford Youth Council and young people from across Salford in both regional and national arenas.

Regional events: By-monthly basis organised by Youthforia.

Youthforia is a regional youth forum made up of young people from across the North West and aims to give young people a voice at a regional level.

National events: UK Youth Parliament, the Annual Sitting and the Houses of Parliament.

The Annual Sitting takes place in July. MYPs are asked to consult the council and forums before they attend this meeting to be able to amend and change the UKYP manifesto. After the manifesto has been voted on, there is a national consultation that every 11-18 year old in the UK can take part in. This then informs the House of Commons debate in November.

At the House of Commons event, MYPs argue for the top priorities that young people have chosen across the UK. The first priority is the highlighted campaign for the next 12 months for UKYP.

The Young Mayor does a similar role, but is focused on working locally in Salford as opposed to regional and national.

If you are under 18 you can vote for ONE candidate for MYP and ONE candidate for Young Mayor.

If you are under 25 you can vote for ONE candidate for Young Mayor.

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