Salford's Respect Programme

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13 Jun 2018

The respect programme is aimed at Y5 and Y6 pupils. Respect is aimed to educate young people, tackle diversity, hate crime, respect, anti bullying, homophobia, racism, sexism and making young people think about their community.

Respect is aimed to educate young people on issues like tackling diversity, hate crime, promoting respect, anti bullying and tackling homophobia, racism and sexism. The sessions usually last an hour and are delivered in 6 week blocks using interactive exercises, small group work and worksheets.

The benefits to the pupils are giving them an understanding around diversity issues in the increasingly diverse community that we live in. It gets them working together as a team, it supports the schools and Ofsted’s anti bullying policies. On the course pupils are made aware of out of school opportunities provided by the Youth Services and partners and all this is delivered in a relaxed and fun learning environment.

Alongside the Respect programme The Youth Services can offer the hire of the IYSS Climbing Wall, Football Cages and the Mobile Youth Bus. All of these can be used to promote team building, confidence, self belief, and working together to name a few.

We have already completed work with years 5 and 6 at The Friars primary school and both year 6 classes at Marlborough Rd school. Kyle is currently with year 6s at Brentnall Primary and plan to deliver the course in Alderbrook Primary, Lower Kersal Primary, St. Philips Primary, St. Georges, St Pauls, Hilton Lane Primary (Little Hulton), Summerville Primary on the Duchy estate and Riverview Primary In Broughton. There is 80 primary schools within Salford and the plan is to deliver the programme in them all hopefully.

The feedback from teachers and pupils alike have been brilliant.

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