The Lowry's scheme for young people under 26

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11 Oct 2017 The Lowry

We’ve got £5 and £10 tickets to give away to 16-25 year olds. For nearly all our shows. On every performance. Across seats at all prices. Yes. We’re telling you the truth.

We love theatre. We love watching it and we want you to watch it. We have a building full of world class drama, dance, music and comedy and it’s brilliant and we want you to see it!

How can I get these tickets?

Well first, you need to be between 16 and 25.

Sign up to our mailing list. We will send you regular emails with ticket offers and opportunities.

Flick through the offers and book your shows online. You can buy two tickets per performance. Tickets are cheap so it’s the perfect chance to try something a bit different. Bring your mates along to some contemporary circus or watch the highlights of the Edinburgh Festival in our Studio Theatre. Go on, we dare you.

The first time you book a ticket you can pick them up from our ticket office. Walk through the doors of The Lowry and the ticket office is right beside you, you can’t miss it. Bring along your ID to prove you are between 16 and 25.

When you pick up your first ticket you’ll be confirmed as Under 26. You’ll then be able to get your tickets posted out to you when you book in the future.

Enjoy the show!