Thinking of getting a job??

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24 Oct 2017

Did you know there are laws to protect you when you are thinking about or already working part-time.

Did you know: 

Young people working, Did you know.

 You'd be surprised at the places you can work and the sort of jobs you can do.

Jobs young people can do

This is not all the jobs, there are other types of work that you may be considered suitable for. If you are aged 13, you are only allowed to do light work in any job.

What sort of job can't I do?

Young people working

I'm 13 or 14, so what hours can I do?

13 and 14 year olds working

What if I'm 15 or 16?

15 and 16 year olds working

Who to contact

Contact the child employment team on 0161 603 4350 or email

Get more information from Salford City Council here