Web Safety

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19 Apr 2017

Want to know how to stay safe online?

Go to think u know, which has lots of tips on staying safe, will give you up-to-date information on new technology and allows you to report abuse that has happened online. 

Follow the rules below to stay safe:

  • Treat your username and password like your toothbrush - don't share it
  • Be aware of "stranger danger", when communicating online.
  • Don't disclose or share personal information about yourself or others when online.
  • If you arrange to meet people, or attend events offline, ensure you have double checked the details and if it is someone you don't know, always take an adult with you.
  • Immediately report any unpleasant or inappropriate material or messages or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable when you see it online.
  • Be polite and responsible when you communicate with others, don't use strong, aggressive or inappropriate language and appreciate that others may have different opinions.
  • Don't post inappropriate comments or pictures of others that may cause harm or distress to others.
  • Don't give anyone on-line your home or e-mail address, home or mobile number or where you go to school without asking a parent or carer first