Youth Service

wuu2 website Bridgewater youth centre inside
01 Apr 2019

The Youth Service (Integrated Youth Support Services) are part of Salford City Council and work with young people in the city.

They run a number of Friday night provision across the city (see the centres below) but they also work with 1-2-1 referrals from professionals who might be struggling with things like anger, school attendance etc.

In the service we also have teenage pregnancy workers, including a young fathers worker, we run D of E sessions, outdoor education and also run SOL (Salford Open Learning) for young people who are referred to SOL.

Beacon Youth Centre

Bridgewater Youth Centre

Eccles Youth Centre

Cadishead Hall Youth Centre

Broughton Hub Youth Centre

The Deans Centre

The wuu2 website has more information about youth centres and other activities for young people in Salford. To speak to someone about the centres contact 0161 778 0700.

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