Budget Money

wuu2 Salford thinks budgeting is the way forward, it is really important, and gives us a way of making sure our money lasts, and also that the money going out isn't more than the money coming in.

If you have bills to pay, you will need to budget to make sure you can pay these bills on time, without getting charged interest for late payments, or just making sure you have enough left to go out for food with friends!

Keeping an eye on your finances is a great way to start, as even if you don't have bills to pay now if you get into thinking of budgeting and watching your money it will be a great help in the future when you have a wage coming in and bills coming out.

For now though it is a great way to save up for things that you want, like a holiday, new clothes or the next ps4/xbox one.

Money Advice Service 

Money Saving Expert

Why not read our page about opening a bank account if you don't alteady have one.