Wondering whether of not to go to uni? There are lots of factors in this decision, but you have to do what's best for you.

There is lots of help out there, workers you can talk to and can help with application forms, uni choices and finances.

UCAS is the best site to get some good "how to" guides, this might also give you a feel of whether uni will be the choice for you.

As well as talking through your ideas with family, friends, teachers and advisers, you can find other opinions online to help get as much information as you can.

Factors in choosing a university are:

  • Do you like city life or do you want to try living somewhere more rural? Have you got an opinion about whether a campus-based university or one based in the community interests you the most? This is your chance to think about whether you prefer universities with large numbers of students or those with smaller populations.
  • Local living costs are a factor too. You’ll find that the south of England and London are more expensive places to live – please bear this in mind if your budget is tight. 
  • It's also worth having a look at the National Student Survery (NSS) (link is external) – although it’s a survey of all final year undergraduates, its findings play a significant part in compiling many of the well-known league tables.

Open days are also a great way to get a taste of uni life and also different areas, whether you choose to stay at home or move further afield, an open day is a great time to ask any questions you have and see their accomodation and social life.

Preparing for open days:

  1. Make a shortlist – there are around 340 unis and colleges, so research courses and choose the ones you like the sound of.
  2. What to expect – an itinerary of tours, talks and chances to ask questions.
  3. Plan ahead – think about what you’d like to find out more about and which departments you want to look at.
  4. Taster courses – as well as open days, you could see if they run taster courses to give a flavour of the course you’re interested in.

Al these are tips for you but in the end choosing whether going to uni is right for you is your decision. If it isn't why not read our other pages on the wuu2 website about traineeships, apprenticeships or finding the right job.

If you are leaving school, check out UCAS Progress for options.

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