UCAS Progress

What is UCAS Progress?

UCAS Progress is the system Year 11’s in Salford use to apply for their choices when they leave school. On the system there are a wide range of courses you can apply for including A-Levels, Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

So how does it work?

Every Year 11 pupil in Salford should receive their account details from Salford City Council in the post, but don’t worry if you don’t you can ask your careers adviser in school to find out your username and reset your password or if you don’t have an account they can set you up with one.

Once you have your log in details you go to www.ucasprogress.com and log in. Before you start looking and applying for courses you need to fill in your profile. Your profile is the section which tells the college or training provider you are applying to all about you, including basic things like your contact details up to your qualifications and career goals. It’s really important that you spend time making sure that you fill your profile in so that the provider knows everything they need to know before offering you a place (it’s also really good practice for applying for jobs when you are older).

When your profile is complete you can then start searching for what courses you would like to apply to (make sure you click on the green boxes at the bottom of each section on your profile e.g. complete section or you won’t be able to send your application).  When you find courses you like you can add them to your favourites and once you have favourite everything you want to apply for you can start and send an application. After you have sent an application there is a message tool on the system where you can ask the provider you’ve applied to any questions and where they can keep you up to date with any information so remember to log in and check to see if you have any messages. Through the system you will be able to track your application from different stages, stage 1 – draft application, stage 2 – send application, stage 3 – offer made and stage 4 – enrolled, again it’s important to log in to make sure you know what stage your application is at so you can plan ahead.

Most providers will contact you outside of the system through a letter or phone call once they have received your application so it is important to keep your contact details up to date so they can reach you to ask you in for an interview.

What if my school doesn’t use UCAS Progress?

You can access UCAS Progress at home if your school doesn’t provide you with classroom time and you can use the guides below to help you through. Your careers adviser will help you if you have any questions.

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